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    ERP Software Solution

    Keep track of all your resources and optimize the way your staff uses them. ERP solutions are the foundation of young and established companies software infrastructure


    CRM Software Solution

    Your customer base is one of your major assets. Use it wisely for positive results. Your marketing department performance should benefit from a well implemented CRM solution


    SFA Software Solution

    Use a sales force automation system to have a better overview of your sales team and their progress. Setup target goals to motivate and reward them according to sales levels


    WMS Software Solution

    Use a dedicated software to optimize and increase warehouse accuracy. Reduce costs with mistaken merchandise deliveries to recurrent customers and increase their satisfaction level


    Join Our Family of BRANDS

    By partnering with Vellarocci Enterprises, you become part of our famil of brands. This means access to exclusive marketing opportunities, connections with other like-minded entreprenuers, and the chance to participate in our marketing campaigns and events. 

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      Expertise Strong Points

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      Flexible Services

      Our services lineup is the most flexible in the industry

      Great Design

      Great design ensures we develop complete solutions

      Easy To Use

      Solutions are easy to use with minimum skills

      Smart Options

      Our software apps have smart configuration options

      Advanced Tech

      Our services lineup is the most flexible in the industry

      Cloud Storage

      Our software apps have smart configuration options

      10 Years Of Experience

      Solution integration experience in industry verticals and any company dimension

      Enduring Partnerships

      We rely on our long standing partnerships with solution providers and customers

      Skilled Capable Team

      Our success is determined by our team's skills and motivation so we invest in it

      I just finished my trial period and was so amazed with the support and results that I just purchased Vera.

      Jude Thorn - Manager

      I don't know how I managed to get work done without Leon. The speed of this application is great!

      Roy Smith - Director

      This app has the potential of becoming a mandatory tool in every developer's day to day useful toolset.

      Marsha Singer - Warehouse

      Searching for a great prototyping and layout design app was difficult but thankfully Vera team.

      Tim Shaw - Technical


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      Orders Received

      Our Mission Is To Provide Reliable Business Solutions For Companies Of All Sizes And Part Of Any Industry

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